Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Discovery Process for Planned Essays

I have been collecting notes and anecdotes from my business life. A series of essays is emerging where I will seek to frame a theory, strategy, and execution cases of best/worst practices around my notion of the "Fast Twitch Enterprise" My focus is on a) the spaces between corporate ecosystems especially those related to revenue generation and information warfare and b) intra and trans ecosystem processes which are key to both innovation and competitive advantage.

Major influences on my work include:
-Biological Systems
-Remote Sensing
-Spatial Analysis
-Story Telling
-Real Time Systems
-Metadata Management Systems
-Process Fusion (PM/BI/BPM)
-Distributed Governance and Advisory Systems
-Corporate Guidance Systems
-Information Warfare
-Knowledge Systems
-Collaborative Systems
-Rich Media
-Virtual Reality
-"Make" Culture
-Center for Bits and Atoms and Lifelong Kindergarten